Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 5: Sustainable Design...a wow idea!

The clip below is taken from, an annual seminar of sorts where great people with great ideas come together and present their ideas and perhaps even solutions for almost every single problem known to Man. Here is a clip that I find suitable in presenting an example that may deepen our understanding on the topic of 'Sustainable Design', one of the relatively newer areas of Design. Enjoy the clip and answer the following questions below:

  • Based on the clip, what is your understanding of the term 'Sustainable Design'?
  • Can you think of other possible situations where sustainable design can be incorporated? 
  • What do you think inspire him to come out with such a solution?
  • How would such a contraption benefit Mankind?


  1. Sustainable design is a design that is durable, marketable and helpful to mankind. We can apply sustainable design to improve a invention and a new invention. His will to improve mankind inspired him. This can benefit mankind to improve lives.

  2. Sustainable design is a design based on the environment that the product will be used, to ensure that it is as long lasting as possible.

    Sustainable design can be used to innovate or alter certain designs that have been proved to possess some glitches.

    The possibility that are others outside who do not have refrigeration and seeks a solution to resolve their problems.

    Everyone can have refrigeration at an affordable price.

    Yay second but sign not first

  3. It is a design that helps the environment. It is also very long lasting .
    It can innovate to make life easier for us and things better for us as well. Those who do not have electricity and refrigeration inspired him to work hard to find a way to make their lives better. now, a lot of people lives are much better as they are able to afford refrigeration.

    Brendon Goh

  4. Sustainable design is something that is durable, marketable and is based on the environment. We can also use sustainable design to innovate or invent new solutions that benefit mankind.

    Heo Yub

  5. Sustainable design means designigng objects that are durable and to comply with the environment.We can use it to subsitue unenvironmentally friendly energy sources.He probably got the idea from the concept of designing an affordable and environmentally friendly refridgerator.Now poor people can afford refridgerators.

  6. I think that sustainable design is something that is designed to be durable. We can use sustainable design to invent things that are durable to benefit mankind. I think that he may have thought about something like how to improve the future and peoples' lives and that this thought has inspired him to come out with such a solution. This solution will benefit mankind by helping those people who do not have access to electricity and refrigeration to store food in a refrigerator that does not electricity, propane and gas.

  7. I think that sustainable design is something that is designed to be environmental friendly. It is also durable and marketable. We can apply sustainable design by making an invention more environmental friendly and make it more durable to benefit mankind. I think that he wanted to help those people who could not afford electricity and refrigeration so he came up with this solution. It will benefit mankind as it will help those who cannot afford electricity, refrigeration and gas.

    Jonathan Phang

  8. I think that sustainable design are things that are designed to be durable and yet environmentally friendly. I think he wanted to help those poor people who could not afford to pay for the electricity or a refrigerator, so he came up with this solution. I think it can benefit mankind, especially the poor people to get the refrigerator that can activate without the use of electricity.

  9. I think a sustainable design is a design to a household furniture that is durable, environmentally-friendly, totally recyclable and does not impact negatively to the environment.

    As Singapore has lots of lightning, we can use them to have energy.When the lighting strikes, it goes to a lightning rod. The lightning rod can be linked to a machine that can convert the energy in the lightning to energy for the city.This is one sustainable design.

    I think what inspired him was the high pressure that ammonia could produce.

    The contraption will provide mankind refrigeration without polluting the environment and does not need to use electricity.

  10. In my opinion, sustainable designs are environmental friendly and it will save the Earth by using recyclable materials and not harming the Earth by polluting it like emitting poison into the ocean or sea. Sustainable design can be incorporated into clothing. We could reuse latex or plastic to make our clothing. I think he came out with this idea as the world is currently experiencing global warming and Mother Earth is going to die soon. He wanted to save the Earth, not let Mother Earth die so early so that the next generations could continue living in Happiness and not experiencing hazardous weathers.

  11. It is a cheap and clever idea that are useful to the society.It may even help to prevent global warming.His will to help mankind and his love for thermodynamic made him come up with this idea.It can help to prevent mad-made disasters and can help to make a better,cheaper and helpful society.

  12. Sustainable design is a design that could help the world by being environmentally-friendly or by helping the people around the world. We could innovate an invention like the television for example so that has a sustainable design. His desire to help the people in need drived him to come up with a solution to help them. People on Earth do not have to suffer as they live.

  13. Sustainable design is a design that can be very long lasting. It can be incorporated when something new is needed.

  14. I think sustainable energy is a type of energy that can sustain meaning people can use it for a long period of time with very little energy usage and it is also very cheap. We can have a sustainable design for the daily used products as it will benefit people a lot. He got the inspiration after he realized and found out that the people around the world especially some countries or continents have many difficulties. We can conserve more energy for the future and we will have less difficulties in the future.

    Ronak Mehta

  15. Sustainable design is design which can be marketed for a long time.
    Sustainable design can be incorporated into computers.Computers could be made from recycled plastic or other materials.Knowing that the poor could not afford a fridge inspired him to come out with such a solution.Such a contraption could help improve the lives of poor people so they also have a refrigerator.

  16. 1)I think 'sustainable design' means to a design that would be durable in the market .
    2)I think sustainable design can be incorporated in a structure that would be there for a long time.for example,a sustainable design would be necessary for a hotel as it would probably be there for a long time.
    3)I think the idea of the hot flask and a refrigerator inspired him.
    4)It would help poor people able to preserve food and is eco friendly as you would not need electricity to make the invention work.