Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4: Consolidating your Research

Now that the individual team members have done their own individual researches, as a group, do consolidate your research. Take some time (about 20 to 30 mins) during class to consolidate and answer the following questions as a group:
  1. State 2 major problems that you have identified on the given topic on 'Environment'
  2. State 3 potential areas or problems that you think, as a group, you would like to work on for the next 10 or so weeks. Note that you would NOT need to work on all 3 later on, most probably just 1 or 2 only!
  3. Think of how you can incorporate these sub-lessons for the problem/s that you are going to solve:
    • Photography
    • Animation
    • Models and/or prototypes . Do give some suggestions for this too if possible and relevant.
Note that the deadline for this exercise is next Fri, 5th Feb 2010 by 1700 hrs



      Jin Qian, Matthias, Ming Yong, Joel

    2. 1) Water pollution and Air Pollution
      2) Water conservation, Global Warming and Deforestation
      3) By designing a poster for the neighborhood, conducting assembly talks in schools and by making a challenge for students from other schools to make a video about the environment.
      Abu's group

      Done by:Tai Chen Yu,Daniel Tan and Ong Ding Shan

    4. 1.The 2 major problems we found were air pollution and water pollution.

      2. Water wastage, littering , global warming

      3. We could make a video showing what it could be like in the future if we continue our ways of littering and pollution. We could also make a poster or sign and we could put it up at bus stops so people who take the bus could read it.

    5. 1) The 2 problems:
      a) Saving water.
      b) Non-renewable resources are running out.

      2) The two water contracts we have with Malaysia will expire in 2011 and 2061. We must built more reservoirs to collect rainwater. We must built more NEWater factories to get more water. We must also built more desalination plant in order to turn sea water into drinkable water.

      Coal and oil are non renewable resources which men will always use. They will run our sooner or later and then there will be no more of those resources and we have to think of alternative ways to replace them.

      We have to save water as water is precious and we do not have enough of our own water. Water is also expensive and we buy water from other countries like Malaysia. If they cut our water supply, we will not have enough water for everyone in Singapore to use.

      3) Do some animations on what will happen to the earth when no one takes care of it.

      By Hao Ming, Brendon and Bevan

    6. 1) Water pollution and Air pollution
      2) We would like to work on Global Warming, Deforestation and the current resources available and how we can conserve it.
      3) We can create a video and post it on the blog and informing people about the problems we are facing today. We can create a poster and put it at the entrance of one or two of the famous shopping malls. If we have enough time, materials and ideas we can also create a model of something relating to the topic.

      Done By: Izzat, Akhil Vuputuri, Ronak Mehta, Siah Wei