Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4: Sketching: Isometric and Oblique sketches

There are various specific ways that you can use to show the orientation of your sketches. What the lessons have shown you so far is the standard way of indicating your orientation of your sketches in an ISOMETRIC manner.

The other sketching orientation that is usually used, but not as frequently, is the OBLIQUE orientation.

The difference between the two can be shown by showing the following 2 examples:

  • Could you state ONE advantage of using an Isometric projection/orientation in your sketches?
  • Could you state ONE disadvantage of using and Oblique orientation in your sketches?
By using the 'Box' or 'Crating' method as demonstrated in class, complete the worksheet given to you during class, in your sketch books. In case you prefer the soft copy, the 12 isometric blocks that you have to complete are as shown below:

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