Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2 - Lesson 2 (Part 1) - Environment

We live in a world where natural resources like air and water are being threatened by the onslaught of human activities. Pollution and industrialization have caused the depletion of Mother Nature’s reserves at an alarming rate.
  • Will Man's selfish acts bring about the Earth’s doom?  
  • What can we do to save the Earth?
  • What are some of the problems that we can realistically and effectively be engaged in?
Submitting your work as a group:
  • You are going to submit your thoughts to this ADMT class blog via email.
  • You may include text, image(s) and/or videoclip(s).
  • Put your name as the title of the email so that we know who submitted the post. e.g. ADMT Lesson 2 (Part 1) Environment - your name
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  • Your work will be posted to this ADMT class blog.
Deadline: 18th Jan 2010, 5pm

For the 2nd section part of this part, each group is to brainstorm and do an initial research on either one of the following sub-themes, or create new ones where relevant:
  • Conservation
  • Pollution (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Innovative solutions for saving the Earth
One or 2 team members from each group will do a 5 to 7 min presentation on their initial findings and research on the given sub-theme/s above. Presentations will be done on Thur, 21st Jan 2010.


  1. ADMT Lesson 2 (Part 1) Environment- Izzat

    Yes, I think if we do not collaborate to save the Earth, it may bring about the Earth's doom.

    Reduce, reuse and recycle. If we all do a small part, like turning the water off when we're brushing our teeth or clean out a jar and keep loose change in it or just turning off the lights in rooms that no one is in or maybe ridding a bike to school/work. There are still more than a billion ways to save the planet, and if you want to see your own children grow up on this earth, just do a small part, just a tinny little part once every day and if everyone else does too, slowly but surly, we'll save the planet! Preserve habitats! Stop bulldozing land for parking lots and shopping malls!

    1. Plug in the water wen washing dishes. 2. Don't let water run without you there. 3. Turn off the lights when it is not in use.

    Always turn off the water, or lights when you aren't using it, if the water from the sink or the shower leaks, try to stop the leaks. Draw or write on both sides of paper and recycle it, recycle: plastic things, paper, smooth cardboard. Instead of taking the bus or car and wasting tons of gas, ride your bike and heal the earth! Stop cutting down trees! Cutting down trees is very terrible because trees gives you oxygen.

    We could provide ideas to companies so that they could create something to save us all.

  2. Yes, I agree that Man's selfish acts will bring about the Earth's doom. So everyone must collaborate and save the Mother Earth quickly. Here are some ways which we can save the Mother Earth:

    1) We can use the three 'R's, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    2) Let's conserve water(water conservation) :
    - Reduce
    - Shower instead of a bath.
    - While brushing teeth, make sure that the tap is off
    - While soaping, also make sure that the tap is off.
    - Reuse
    - Collect the water that you use to wash the clothes and use it to water plants.
    - Recycle
    - Recycle water after using it.

    3) Let's conserve electricity;
    - Turn off the lights when leaving a room
    - Switch off the fan or air-conditioner when not using it.

    4) Other than water, we can also recycle these things after using them:
    Plastic bottles, Plastic and paper plates, Paper, Aluminum cans, Styrofoam boxes.

    5) Other than reducing, reusing and recycling, we can also save the Mother Earth by not cutting or burning down trees, which can help us to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and therefore preventing greenhouse effect and global warming. We can also save the Earth by not burning fossil fuels, wood and coal as by burning them will release more carbon dioxide into the air and also one day we will run out of them.

    So let us do our part to save the Mother Earth!

  3. Chan Jia Ler

    Will Man’s selfish acts bring about the Earth’s doom?
    Yes, if man continues his ways the world will come to an end soon.

    What can we do to save the Earth?
    There are many things we can do to save the Earth, such as recycling, reduce wastage, reduce deforestation, taking the bus more often(carpooling).We can also reduce littering.

    What are some of the problems that we can realistically and effectively be engaged in?
    We can reduce littering, by putting up signs telling people not to litter. We can also start recycling more.

  4. Will Man's selfish acts bring about the earths doom?
    Yes, of course. The earth would be squeezed dry out of all its resources unless we stop behaving selfishly. We must act now to save the Earth.

    What can we do to save the Earth?
    Firstly practice the 3Rs. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
    Recycle unwanted plastic bottles or better still, reuse them.
    Reduce the amount of water you waste when you shower. Limit yourself to 5 minutes and turn off the shower while soaping. We must never litter but throw away unwanted objects in the correct manner

    What are some of the problems we can be realistically and effectively be engaged in?
    I think we can be engaged in some of the serious problems the world is facing now. Global Warming and Pollution could be some of the serious matters that we could be engaged in.