Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 5: An exercise on IDEATION

Take a look at the following YouTube clip, that is a compilation of the Top 5 clips from the series 'Whose Line is it Anyway?' The show primarily consists of a series of skits that involves 3 resident and an invited guest comedian that will come out with various improvised situations based on a given theme.

The series of clips below is taken from the item known as 'Prop', where the comedians are given some weird-looking props, and are given very little time to come out with as many variations and interpretations of their given props as they can. Take a look at this and see what are some learning points that you can derive from this:

Do answer the following questions:
  1. What do you think is the main underlying theme of the clip above?
  2. What are some skill sets that would be needed by the comedians to make their impromptu presentations successful?
  3. How do you think you would be able to hone your skills that you have mentioned in question (2)?
  4. How then would the skills that you mentioned be useful and applicable in your other domains and subject areas?


  1. I think that the main underlying theme of the clip above is to learn more skills on how to design and create something by only using the things given and also to help to build your creativity. To make their presentations successful, they will have to have creative, designing and thinking skills. I will have to think hard for creative ideas on how to come out with things that can make people laugh to hone my skills. Having creative and thinking skills will help me in my I&E and ADMT lessons, where I will be asked to design and also think about things.

  2. The theme is to find as many creative ways to express scenes with the props given to them.

    They must be able to express themselves well so that the audience know what they are trying to express.

    I have been able to express myself creatively. If I am able to continue practicing, I will be able to do so without much difficulty.

    I will be able to think of creative ideas, then be able to express myself.

    Yay second sigh not first

  3. It is to think out of the box and come up with creative ideas to turn their props into useful things.

    They need to think fast and be creative and act properly. The audience must be able to understand what they are doing.

    I will have to think much faster and be much more creative than what I am now.

    It will help me not waste so much time on something when there is a lot of things to do. I will be able to come out with more ideas within a short period of time

    Brendon Goh

  4. I think it is to think and make the props something that creative.They need to think fast but with creativity. I can express myself clearly, with more practise, i can do even better.

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  6. I think the theme of this clip is to have something creative from the 'props'. They need to think of something creative and hilarious within a short period of time. I will have to practice really hard to have no difficulty thinking of something creative and hilarious. I can excel in ADMT and I&E lessons.

  7. The theme is probably to get people to think of many different ways that the prop can be used as.They must be able to express themselves well as well as to have a lot of confidence and to have a great sense of humor and creativity .With enough practice,I would be able to have more confidence while speaking to others and to generate more creativity. These skills would then probably help me in I&E and ADMT lessons.

  8. The main theme for the clip is to test the competitors creativity on how they can use the different prop. They must be able to be creative and have a great sense of humor. I would have to be creative to create something that would make people laugh. Having these skills would help me in areas of subjects like I&E and ADMT.

  9. In my opinion, the theme for this show is creativity as they had to think different ways on how to use the props.
    The skills that comedians must have are creativity, confident and determination. Comedians must be confident and determined when they express themselves with creativity.
    I can hone my skills in reality shows, acting or even doing projects with my friends as we have to be confident and determined when coming out with creative ideas.
    It can help me with my English compo, I & E and ADMT including photography.

  10. I think the main theme of the clip is being creative and we can see how much creative those 4 are. They have to think something fast to do with the props and they have to try to make it funny as people would not enjoy it later. I can give my self random props and try to come out with something funny. By doing this i can be more creative in other domains and areas and it will benefit me.

    Ronak Mehta

  11. I think that the theme of the clip above is to become creative and think out of the box by only using the things given. They must be creative, quick-witted and a great sense of humor. I can think of funny things to do with random objects around me when I am bored. This way i can be more creative and quick witted like the comedians.

  12. I think that the underlying theme is to be creative.They have to react fast in new or unexpected situations.We can react fast if we are alert at all times and be exposed to different kinds of situations.Yes it can be useful in other subjects too,example:During an english of chinese lesson,our teacher ask us to write an essay,we will then be not so surprised and know what to write even if we were given unexpected topic(s).

  13. The main theme is to think fast and to be creative. The skills needed is that we have to be naturally funny, expressive,creative and also fast.I would have to practice expressing myself clearly and to have humour in what I do while being creative. The skills could be useful for my compositions so it would be more interesting or I can use my creativity for ADMT and I&E.

  14. Chan Jia Ler

    I think that the main theme is to think up of creative ideas to do with the props.
    They must easily think up of ideas very quickly.
    I must practice my skills by learning to express myself with humor in it for added effects.

  15. 1)I think that the main theme of the video is to be creative.
    2)They must think of jokes to do with the props quickly without any problems.
    3)I must think of jokes quickly with whatever objects I have with me.
    4)It would help me to cheer people up and help me to be creative in ADMT lessons.

  16. I think its about creativity of the product.
    They can generate jokes related to real life.
    I can make some surveys about the homes of other people and make jokes based on them.
    I can use them to make jokes so that the audience I am talking to will not be too bored during the presentation.

  17. 1)I think its about the creativity and to think out of the box.
    2)They must think of ideas quickly which are funny.
    3)I think in order to hone my skill,I must not be scared to show off my ideas and must try to think fast and not hesitate to say it out
    4)It would help me to think out of the box and help me in presentations.

  18. 1)I think that it is about planning very quickly and creatively.
    2)They must practise many acts with strange objects and also make them funny
    3)I must think quick
    4)I can use it in skits when the preparation time is minimal.