Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 5: Drawing in perspectives: 1 and 2-points perspectives

Take a look at the picture below that shows a scene from my personal collection of desktop wallpapers. What do you notice about the pathway and the rows of benches placed alongside it?

In the previous sketching lessons, you have been exposed and practising your sketches in isometric orientation, where lines are usually parallel in nature. But as you see from the photo above, and most other photos, the human eye has a peculiar way of looking at things. For example in the picture above, although we are aware that the path does have a constant width, our eyes choose to see that the path and the rows of benches are CONVERGING to a SINGLE POINT. This is known as a single point perspective!

Similarly, in certain instances, there are occasions whereby things are seen with not a single, but a 2-points perspective. The examples below shows sketches in 2-points perspective:

How about the picture below? Can you see it having a 2-points perspective orientation?

HOMEWORK for the weekend:
Here is a YouTube clip that you can view to learn more about how to come out with  1, 2 and even 3-points perspectives:


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