Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week 6: Your Environmental Challenge - Brainstorming/Ideation

Restating your problems
In week 4, your group would have worked on coming out with 2 key problems and 3 key areas that you would want to work on as your environmental challenge. Before you start to brainstorm on ideas for probable solutions to these problems, please restate your problems as a challenge or a question. For example, if your problem is:
'To encourage students to recycle'

you can restate your problem as 

'How can we encourage SST students to recycle 
their water bottles?'

The idea here is to be as specific as you can on the intended challenge. This will then allow you and your team to be more focused on your challenges, and your intended solutions.

By using any of the ideation methods that have been taught in class, ideate as many possible solutions as you can to each of your problems. Tabulate these solutions if you can.


  1. The 2 problems:
a) How do we encourage SST’s students to save water.
b) How do we encourage people to cut down the use of non-renewable resources.

    The two water contracts we have with Malaysia will expire in 2011 and 2061. We must build more reservoirs to collect rainwater. We must build more NEWater factories to get more recycled water. We must also build more desalination plant in order to turn sea water into drinkable water. We also have to encourage more people to save water.

    There are many ways of saving water. We can save water almost anywhere and anytime mainly at home. Some examples are turning off the tap while brushing teeth, spending a minute less in the bath, use water used to wash rice to water the plants. When we bath hot water, it takes a while before the water can get hot, so use a pail to collect those water and use the water to flush the toilet or wash your legs when you just arrived home.

    We have to save water as water is precious and we do not have enough of our own water. Water is also expensive and we buy water from other countries like Malaysia. If they cut our water supply, we will not have enough water for everyone in Singapore to use.

    Coal and oil are non renewable resources which men will always use. They will run our sooner or later and then there will be no more of those resources and we have to think of alternative ways to replace them and cut down their usage.
    Some of the ways of cutting down the usage of non-renewable resources are that we can stop burning forests to build houses and factories as burning requires the use of non-renewable resources such as oil.

    Do some animations/videos on what will happen to us if we all run out of water and non-renewable resources like coal and oil.

By Hao Ming, Brendon and Bevan

  2. We are focusing on littering at the school.Mostly at the canteen area and the area outside the corridors as we notice that those places are the most littered.Once we gather evidence by taking pictures of the litter at that area, we plan to make a video to try and prevent littering. After that we plan to make a poster and paste it on the walls of the canteen and at the corridors outside the canteen. To add more info to the video and poster we can research more about the days that the littering of the school is worse than other days.

  3. Earlier comment done by Heo Yub,Mirza,Jonathan an jia lerrr

  4. How can we encourage students of SST to conserve water?
    We can do so by holding assembly programs that teaches students how to conserve water.(PUB, NEWater) We also can have a special day of the year for water.(Water day etc.)
    How can we lessen the water consumption in SST?
    Install thimbles into the water taps and also collect rainwater to water the plants for cleaning.
    What can we do to promote the Clementi Community to conserve water?
    Design posters and put them around the neighbourhood, especially at the hot spots like Clementi Bus Interchange, Clementi MRT Station
    and the future coming shopping centre.
    By Abu Ubaidah , Abram, Jake, Ray