Wednesday, April 7, 2010

T2W3+W4: Animation Programme - Creating YOUR Story

Based on the sessions conducted earlier, your group would have completed a simple basic animation clip on the 'Bouncing Ball'. Please do remember to upload this clip into your group ADMT blog (if you have one), OR in one of your team member's blog. Do remember to input the URL into the 'Comments' section of the previous post! I would also appreciate it if the other team members could also input some key learning points that they have obtained whilst coming out with the 'Bouncing Ball' animation.

For the next part of this programme, you would be looking at coming out with the most important component of your animation, i.e. YOUR STORY. Do remember Mr Joshua's key pointers during his presentation. Some things that you might want to take note of are:
  • Use the research information that you and your group have collated earlier in Term 1 to come out with some initial story ideas/seeds
  • Do be mindful of your 5W+1H's (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How). For eg, who is your target audience, what is the message that you want to deliver, when would be an appropriate time for your clip to be shown, why do you think your clip would be most effective, etc
  • The 4 key structures of a story, as mentioned in the last session on creating a story: 
    • PREMISE: (5W+1H, Protagonists, Antagonists, Goals)
    • CONFLICT: Goals, Opposing Attributes, the Antagonists (Others, Self, the surrounding Environment)
    • Crisis: Height of Conflict, Important Decision
    • Climax: Resolution of Conflict, Achievement of Goals
Your assignment: 
Each one of you would have to come out with 3 possible story ideas or seeds for your homework. Do get this done on a simple piece of paper/foolscap before the next lesson!

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